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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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starting tonight. an upper level low pressure system will dive towards the city from the pacific northwest bringing a ton of wind and very tahoe and the sierra in california but a few rain showers and even some very light and brief snow showers could move through the las vegas valley late tonight. action news reporter bryan callahan is live in summerlin with a look at how people are dealing callahan is live in summerlin
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dealing with the windy weather tonight. it doesn't look like we are going to get a white christmas. but the windy weather tonight made things exciting for those who weren't already all snug in their beds. some would say the weather outside is frightful.... most consider it purely delightful. "this is warm compared to michigan. i am enjoying this. it is a beautiful christmas." the only weather guarantee this christmas eve... was a wind blown pile... of leaves. nat the gusty winds couldn't keep kids and their friends from some holiday play. "the first game is definately a challenge." "it effecting anything on your shot? definately, definately i've got the best shot this side of the mississippi anyway, but sometime you've got to just play off it." those heading home after a warm meal.. saying the falling temperature had some holiday appeal. "i was actually irritated this morning that it
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christmas spirit." "i'm one of those people, i want a winter." way... could be an indication santa should expect some turbulence in his sleigh. nat pop in all seriousness people said they were enjoying the colder weather, saying they much prefer this type of weather to the scorching temperatures we get during the summer. reporting live, bryan callahan, channel 13 acton news. take a look at this.. mother nature sending a tornado down.,.. in el dorado, california. you can hear the hail falling in this cell phone video. here's another look. a tornado warning expired for counties east of sacramento.... at about 4:30 this afternoon. the national weather service is investigating a separate reported tornado sighting in the modesto area. now to those tornadoes hitting the heartland. a deadly string of december
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fourteen people are reported dead. abc's phillip mena reports.. entire communities are left picking up the pieces. and so many are thankful to be alive this christmas eve. script: nats tonight - severe weather still on the move - with blinding rain in alabama? and flooded roads south of atlanta this after a devastating christmas week tornado outbreak - nats- "oh, i think that's a tornado brewing up." over least 24 tornadoes reported sot- mos i looked up and it looked like the roof was blowing off the house. watch as these two tornadoes merge into one massive twister. swirling winds lifting this tractor trailer and send it ng on its side in holly springs mississippi - nats- "monster tornado" the national weather service says this tornado was at least an ef 3 - and may have tracked over a hundred miles across two states sot- sherry keel it was like a war zone first responders rushing to help the injured - including retired nurse sherry keel - she was on her way home from last minute christmas shopping sot sherry keel:
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ditch // she kept asking about her child. that child - just seven years old - didn't survive sot- sherry keel: i just can't imagine how that mom is going to feel when she's told her child didn't make it. mena: so this is where you and your daughter and your granddaughter hid during the storm? gwendolyn jones had no storm shelter - she and her family took cover in the safest place they could find sot- gwendolyn jones: we laid here on the floor and holding hands and praying all the while the room her daughter and granddaughter live in?now destroyed? losing so much so close to christmas, but this family feels blessed. sot gwendolyn jones- christmas will still be christmas, whether i have presents or not. that's not gonna change christmas for me the community here now coming together - donations pouring in to this shelter - hoping to salvage some kind of christmas. on the east coast.. it's a christmas eve heat wave!
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city.. 72- degrees. this december is on track to being the warmest on record ever. up and down the east coast people are walking around in shorts and flip flops... even the ice cream trucks are rolling around! our coverage of the crazy weather affecting las vegas and the rest of the u-s is not over. tune in to good morning las vegas for weather and traffic updates.. as well the latest news. it all starts at 4-30 in the morning. new information on a government plan that could affect hundreds of families. the department of homeland security is finalizing plans to deport central american immigrants living here illegally since 2014. a series of sweeps could begin as early as next month if approved by the white house. tough day frankly for this news to break on christmas eve." martin o'malley tweeted today:"a christmas refugee roundup sounds like something...donaldtrump would concoct." an update to this evening's
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lose tonight. it happened at amigos jewelry near eastern and owens. the store owner says a woman came in asking about a piece of jewelry. she left,, but when she came back she brought two guys with guns with her. the owner hit the alarm.. locking the doors. trapped inside, the would-be robbers fired several shots into the windows and ran out. metro police say there was another woman waiting in their getaway vehicle. police caught three of the four suspects. anyone with information is encouraged to call crime stoppers. their number is 702-385-5555. the search is also on for suspects after a man was shot in the head in jean. it happened near the gold strike casino. police say someone opened fire near a gas station and then took off in a sedan and headed north on the i-15. the man wounded man is in critical condition right now at umc. officers found several shell casings from a 45 calibre handgun at the scene. a mother's pain. her teenager shot and killed by a homeowner ...
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tonight only on action news... her message to other kids. "listen please listen to your parents, if my son and my nephew would have l listened my son would still be here." relatives say man-quise adams and his cousin lucane pierre were shot yesterday morning. pierre was rushed to umc ... but adams died on scene. his mom says she cherishes the 17 years she had with her son who was always smiling. this... as pierre's father shares this message for the man who pulled the trigger. "i'm so sorry this happend to him and i don't even blame him for what he do that's self defense." both parents say they always tried to teach their kids right from wrong. action news has reached out to the homeowner as well. the suthern nevada health district is reporting its first... flu-related deaths in clark county... this season. both people who died were males over the age of 60. experts say the best way to prevent the virus is to get
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new tonight.. rooftop solar installation company... "solar city"... says it will stop selling and installing panels in nevada...after a vote from the p-u-c crippled business...and its leaving people out of jobs right before the holidays. "they cant keep them employed because theres no installations going on." pilar apostolo's husband was laid off the day before christmas eve after solar city said it would shut down operations in nevada because of the public utilities commission vote...they issued a statement saying the nevada "p-u-c".... "effectively shut down" the rooftop solar industry. this comes just one day after energy regulators decided to change the rate structure for solar customers. the decision is expected to raise rates over a five-year period for so- called "net metering" customers. "we really didnt think that it would go down like this we thought maybe there would be changes to rates and things but we didn't think that it would unemploy so many people"
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did grandma buy off the list? a las vegas based company is giving you cash for unwanted gifts. christmas is saved! his heart may be three sizes too small.. but his hands fit the cuffs just right. police arrest the grinch with his hand on christmas gifts.
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this holiday-themed parody of the t-v show "cops". the spoof shows officers nabbing the grinch
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break into a house and steal christmas. the green-faced thief is taken to the police station and found guilty of attempting to steal christmas. his sentence: he has to stay 39-and-a-half feet away from dartmouth... hundreds of last-minute shoppers hit the stores this christmas eve! it was a race against time for procrastinators...with most stores closing early...but in this case, it might've paid off. at town square, some retailers offered 40% off of everything. one store was selling every item for under $14.99. managers say a lot of stores strategically offer big deals on christmas eve... if they didn't sale as much as they wanted on black friday. according to the national retail federation...the average consumer.... did 46% of their holiday shopping online this year.... that's a 2% increase from last year. ad lib santa tracker the team at norad.. tracking his every move
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they've been doing it for sixty years. abc's clayton sandell explans how and why the government launched this high flying mission. script: tonight santa claus is under the watchful eyes of norad. nats - general looking at screen / "on the screen you'll see the last place that we've seen santa claus ,which in this case was purm , russia // it also tracks the number of gifts missile attacks? norad takes this very seriously. sot - general hokanson clayton: how important is this mission? general hokanson / oh, this is a this is a no fail mission. kids a number to call santa. but that number? was off by one. so instead of reaching the man in red? kids were calling colonel harry shoup on his red phone. sot - terri van keuren that red phone was top secret. the colonel ordered his men to
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keuren he was military though and through. but he loved kids and he loved christmas. and a tradition was born. norad has been playing along now for sixty years. nats- "santa loves cookies and milk" 15-hundred volunteers taking 135,000 calls from excited kids in 235 countries.. nats - volunteers on phone you might just reach terri van keuren taking calls today for the first time ever. nats - have you got cookies for him? colonel shoup was her dad. sot - terri van keuren clayton: so your first call, what's it feel like? terri: oh it's great. better than i even thought. she says that went for her dad too. a simple mistake? he helped turn into sixty years of magic. cs abc news colorado springs. now to a contact 13 consumer alert. unlike santa claus.. fedex won't deliver your gifts by christmas
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to ease the disappointment.. fedex is delivering packages tomorrow. they'll also open express offices from 9 a-m to one p-m so you can pick up your gift yourself. the carrier blames the delayed shipments on inclement weather in parts of the u-s and a last-minute surge of holiday shopping. if you're not happy with your gift, not to worry -- zappos is giving you a chance to cash in! starting at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, they're offering a $100 gift card to customers who aren't happy with their presents.. in exchange, the company will donate the unwanted gifts! you have to call the company, and you'll want to do it early.. because they're only giving gift cards to the first 500 people who call. we've posted an article with all of the information on our web site.. holiday travelers.. pack your patience. airport traffic is up three percent from last year. airlines are adding extra flights.. even red-eyes.. to keep up with demand.
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with an 8 percent jump in traffic at o'hare. the longest delays today.. were at hartsfield-jackson in atlanta. passengers there waited more than two hours for incoming flights. the plus side to more people traveling by air: fewer drivers on the road. that takes us into your red, white and blue 2016 political coverage. democratic candidate hillary clinton and g-o-p front runner donald trump.. now neck in neck. a new cnn poll shows clinton with 49-percent. trump's not far behind with 47- percent. state offices shut down early for the holiday after heavy snowfall forced them to close up shop at noon today. check out these photos that governor brian sandoval tweeted out of the snow at the state capitol. he also thanked his groundskeepers and building staff for putting together the state holiday display. and it's windy in las vegas. here's a live look near charleston and 215. meteorologist carlo falco is tracking that wind for us.
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for las vegas with the action starting tonight. an upper level low pressure system will dive towards the city from the pacific northwest bringing a ton of wind and very cold air along with it. there won't be too much rain or snow associated with this low as it will dump most out over tahoe and the sierra in california but a few rain showers and even some very light and brief snow showers could move through the las vegas valley late tonight. the best shot for rain showers will be up in the mountains but a few drips and drops may make their way down from the higher elevations after around 10 tonight. the shot for snow will be very brief, and there won't be any accumulation in the valley.
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be a few particularly determined snowflakes that could live for a couple minutes on grassy surfaces but that's about it and they'll melt very quickly once the shower has passed. behind the showers will be some breezy winds and much cooler temperatures. highs on christmas will only be in the upper 40s with about 50 for the warmest areas in the valley. cooler weather is coming for saturday with the main core of cold air associated with the upper level low directly overhead for then. high pressure will start to push in from the west and will drastically kick up the winds saturday making for a very blustery and raw day. winds could gust to 45mph in the las vegas valley and wind advisories are possible in the valley.
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for the colorado river valley and from searchlight southwestward. temperatures moderate to start not a bit chilly. expect highs to be right around 55 and mostly sunny skies. coming up... from contact 13.. thousands of vehicles are being recalled because they could catch fire. plus.. you're out! a new state pushing fantasy sports gaming websites out of their borders. moving in to a consumer alert
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
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[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. fiat-chrysler is recalling nearly 450-thousand s-u-v's that could catch fire. the automaker says the vanity mirror in jeep grand cherokees and dodge durangos from 20-11
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a definite fire hazard. they're also recalling 2015 jeep compass' and patriots because a clamp may be out of place and may allow power steering fluid to leak. thankfully no injuries or accidents have been reported. first new york and nevada.. now fantasy sports betting could be on its way out of illinois. the state's attorney general is calling sites fan duel and draftkings illegal. an attorney for draftkings said it will quickly seek court action to allow fantasy sports to continue in illinois. counter legislation has been introduced to make fantasy sports legal in illinois. a christmas miracle just in time for the holidays for one valley family after six long years... he's got a story to tell, but all i can say is he's glad to be home we'll tell you how the family was reunited with a loved one. ad lib tracking santa
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of some burglars breaking into a local taco shop. this video.. now has a half-million views on you-tube. the owner of 'frijoles and frescos grilled tacos' edited this funny version of his surveillance video. greg carson hopes someone will recognize the croks in the video and contact police. a las vegas family is reunited with a membef of their family.. after six forecast. first..
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preview of tonight's shad lib santa tracker that does it for this edition
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but stay with us for jimmy kimmel live coming up next. our next reports begin at 4:30-am on good morning las vegas. thank you for watching.. and from all of us at channel 13.. good night. a las vegas family is reunited
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight from "star wars: the force awakens," oscar isaac, american ballet theatre principal dancer misty copeland,
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